Meet Dr. Axel H. Gruel, ND, OMD, Dipl. AC

Dr. Gruel completed the first 5 years of his education
at the North German Naturopathic Medical College in Hamburg, his home town.
Here he earned the degree of ND.(HP) in 1979.

This was directly followed by 4 years of education
at the New England College Of Acupuncture in Boston.
Here he earned his degree (OMD) in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 1985.

He then moved to Vermont, USA where he established Vermont's first Acupuncture Clinic, specializing in pain control.
This was also the first holistic and naturopathic clinic in the state.
Here, over 25 years of continuous work, Dr. Gruel has treated over 10,000 patients.
Dr. Gruel has had appearances on TV and Radio. 
He was a speaker on Oriental Medicine at Schools and Colleges in the USA.

Additionally he also received specialized training in these following areas:

   Substance Abuse Detoxification by Dr. Michael Smith
   Bi Obstruction Syndrome by Jeffrey Yuen, OMD
   Treatment of Mental-Emotional Conditions with TCM by Bob Flaws, OMD
   Micro Current and Color Light Acupuncture by Darren Starwynn, OMD
   Ketsubon and Kigai treatments by T. Koei Kuwahara
   Gynecology and the Extra Meridians by Dr. Giovanni Maciocia
   Photo-dynamic Therapy by Dr. Michael Weber, including:
         Laserneedle Acupuncture, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Blood Irradiation

Recently Dr. Gruel moved to Uruguay in order to 
introduce, establish and promote Photo-dynamic Therapy in South America.

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